BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)

BAMS degree is of five and half years duration, including 1 year internship after passing 12th Science. The curriculum includes studying and teaching of modern anatomy, physiology, principles of medicine, preventive and social medicine, pharmacology, toxicology, forensic medicine, ENT, Ophthalmology, principles of surgery, etc. along with ayurvedic topics.

Ayurveda is the Indian System of Medicine meant for Physical, Mental, Social and spiritual welfare of human beings. Ayurveda aims at prevention of diseases, cure of diseases and promotion of health. Ayurveda with its holistic approach towards human body, mind and soul is ideally suited to prevent mishaps that are happening in the health scenario all over the world.

The college is built in capital city of Karnataka is in a spacious campus which has state of art facilities to confer specialized Ayurveda Education. The college has easy accessibility through road, air and railways from all areas. The college is visited, inspected and accredited by Central Council of Indian Medicine and Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences for having all the stipulated infrastructure requirements.


BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) – 41/2 Years of Curriculum and 1 Year Internship

Eligiblity Criteria: PUC or 10+2 years Basic education with Physics, Chemistry, Biology subjects with minimum of 50% marks.


The institution has a state of art 300 bedded hospital which caters to the patients in Bengaluru, the vicinity and even to international patients.

The student will be systematically exposed to the hospital and practical training during his/her studies. During his studies the student will be exposed to all sorts of disease conditions and their treatment modalities. The student will also gain expertise in contemporary advances in treatment of diseases.

Details of the various educational, diagnostic and curative facilities available in the institution.

Department of Kriya Shareera

The department of Kriya Shareera or physiology has the infrastructure to impart the knowledge of normal functioning of the human body. The basic fundamentals taught in the department will lay a foundation for the study of Ayurveda. The contemporary laboratory methods and advances in study of physiology will also be dealt with in the department of Kriya Shareera.

Department of Rachana Shareera

The department of Rachana Shareera aims to educate students about all the structural entities of the human body. The department has a dissection hall comprising of a good collection of cadavers for anatomical studies. The museum of department has a wide collection of specimens pertaining to osteology, splanchnology, radiology and other systems that help in better learning.

Department of Samitha Siddhanta & Sanksrit

The department is a representative of the rich heritage of Ayurveda. The department has a collection of ancient brihattrayees, laghutrayees and other literature that help in educating the fundamental learnings of Ayurveda. The department has qualified teachers in Sanskrit who are well equipped in understanding the nuances of literature of Ayurveda.

Students Hostel

The institute has separate hostel for female and male students inside the campus. The hostels are built in a spacious area of and have a capacity of 500 students. The hostels are under the supervision of separate experienced wardens who will be the care takers of students during their stay in the college. The hostels are equipped with kitchen, dining hall, recreation room and a reading room so that the student feels at home during his stay in campus.

Central Library

The college has spacious library comprising of books on Ayurveda, contemporary modern advances in medical science, Yoga Research journal and books pertaining to genral knowledge and overall development of a student.

The library has collection of periodicals, newspapers to keep the students and staff abreast with current affairs and developments.

Digital Library

In this age of information and technology digital learning is playing and important role in education.

The college is equipped with modern computers, audiovisuals aids and subscriptions to e-journals that help in better understanding and better learning.


The college is proud to possess a unique central museum. The central museum has to its credit specimens pertaining to all the organs and systems of human body.

Dry and wet specimens of herbal and herbomineral drugs are preserved in the museum. The museum also houses rare herbal and herbomineral preparations, old manuscripts that are a depiction of the rich heritage of Ayurveda.

Teaching Pharmacy

The Pharmacy of college is a preparatory house for the medicines required for patients associated with the hospital. The medicines prepared under expert guidance are also intended to develop the skills of the students in medicine making and good manufacturing techniques.

Herbal Garden

The 3.5 acre herbal garden of college in Bengaluru is a home to over species of plants. The garden has to its credit most of the species that are explained in Ayurveda. An effort has also been made to preserve and develop plant species associated with folk lore medication.

Healthy Student-parent-teacher relationship

We intend to share all the progress during the students stay in our campus with their parents/guardian. A tripod meeting will be held once in every six months which will share the progress of the ward with their parents. Any discrepancies or short comings found during this period will be collectively dealt by these tripods i.e parent-teacher-student. Each student will be assigned a mentor who will play as a local guardian to the student.

Sports and Cultural Activities

The college has a rich cultural heritage in its glorious past. Keeping in line with its tradition college aims at enriching the students with a rich blend of traditional and contemporary cultural activities. The college has a large auditorium which will give an ideal stage for the students to showcase and develop their talent. The Campus of college has a play ground earmarked for sports activities. We realize that sport plays a role in physical and mental health of a individual. Any young excelling in any individual or team sport will be identified and nurtured to excel in university levels.

The hospital has well developed following sections.


A fully fledged panchakarma department meant to impart a healing touch to the patient in the traditional system of medicine. The pachakarma department caters specialized treatments regimens of Ayurveda like Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Raktamokshana and Nasya etc.

Shalya Tantra

The surgery deparment is equipped with a state of art operation theatre with all the modern amenities for quick and effective surgical treatment. The department also has a “Ksharasootra” and “ Rakamokshana” wing which aims at healing the patient with in the surgical manner as per tradition of Ayurveda.


The department of Kaumarabhritiya is specialized in treating the paediatric illenesses. The all the ailments from the neonates till the adolescents will be handled effectively in the department.

Shalakya Tantra

The department of shalakya tantra is equipped with the prerequisites for successful treatments of ENT disorders. It has separate Ophtalmology and ENT wings for specialized shalakya treatments.

Kaya Chikitsa

The department comprises of experienced physicians having expertise in the treatment of all genral disorders.

Prasooti Tantra and Streeroga

The department has a well developed labor theatre and operation theatre well equipped for all labor related issues.

Swasthavritta and Yoga

The department has a spacious yoga hall meant for the holistic healing of the patients. The department is consisting well equipped facilities for preventive medicine.

Diagnostic Laboratory

The diagnostic laboratory is well equipped with all  the necessary equipments and methods for diagnostic investigations pertaining to all the systems of the body.

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